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What is Handsy?

For one thing, it's a demo. Let's make that clear. It's incomplete, a little buggy and there are definitely plenty of features missing. But this is a demo with panache, my friend!

Oh and here's the other thing: This is the first game we have ever made. Kind of. The actual first game was this one: Handsy v1. We made that at our very first game jam, Como Game Jam II. Going into the jam, we had never used Unity or programmed in C# before, so it was a learning experience. After it ended, we couldn't help ourselves but to keep working on our favorite little severed hand!

The Story

Handsy is the severed hand of a corpse. During a reanimation ritual that involved a magical bracelet being placed on the wrist of the dead body, the hand was inexplicably severed. Thus Handsy was born of flubbed reanimation magic! The host body remains un-undead. RIP.

So what is a newly-conscious disembodied hand to do in a world of magic and whimsy? Platforming! Puzzle-solving! Exploration! Combat! We envision this game being a rather large 3d platformer. What we have created so far is a first go at a hub world (but we've put a few fun things to do in it).

Time-Traveling Grave Portals

Okay, these aren't in yet, but they are gonna be cool. We already told you we have hub world - it's full of graves. Handsy's magical bracelet is going to let him open portals in theses tombstones and travel to different worlds. And whatever time period in which the grave's resident was alive... that's where Handsy travels to when he goes into the portal! We have ideas for a middle ages world, 1960s hippy-van world, ancient Egyptian pyramid world... the possibilities are endless!


There are 10 coins to collect in this demo. You can collect them or you can just explore, it's up to you. There is double-jumping (space bar) and dashing (left alt) for moving around the world. Finding all 10 coins is going to take a bit of problem solving, but if you do it, you get to check out a huge volcano island! Super cool!


Handsy! 127 MB

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Gave it a go...



Such an awesome game, reminds me of Glover.

10/10 would cut off hand once again to collect all the coins. 


the sensitivity is high not sure if you can turn it down in the options and, the camera angles can be a bit akward at times. Pushing objects can prove difficult but, I think that's part of the challenge of handsy!


Handsy has changed quite a bit! I really like that we have a small objective now more than something that more or less shows us how to use the controls. I like this small little map too, I was so genuinely concerned that the water would kill me as soon as I touched it until I saw a coin underneath it lol. I didn't have an issue getting to most coins but the one on the tree was dreadful, (at about 9 - 10 minutes it turned into basically a death montage of me trying to get that coin lol. I played the game for about 40 minutes and at least 20 of that was just trying for that coin) I kept getting up there and it seemed like every time I should have gotten the coin I slipped right off of the side, and I tried and tried for quite some time, it just seemed like nothing I did worked, jumping, just running, the little boost with the mouse, I just couldn't make it work. Something that's not a huge deal but could be fixed a bit is some of the camera angles, I feel like if I get to close to somethings the angels just go crazy and you see it in the video a few times, but it's not anything that needs to be jumped on. The only other thing I had an issue with was pushing things, i'm sure it is super weird and hard to program a singular hand to push something, but it's rough and it takes a lot of effort and time, as you could see a lot of the pushing was me getting it a few inches then the hand would go past it and I would have to come to the back of it again and again. Unfortunately I couldn't get all ten coins thanks to that tree lol so I didn't get to take a look at the volcano that was really calling my name haha, but I think you have the beginning of something really cool, I love the sound of the portals with all the different time lines that is making me SOOOO EXCITED and the main story of why Handsy has been created is beautiful haha! I CAN NOT wait to play when you have those updates!! I look forward to seeing some more from you guys and Handsy! :D


I had a play and did a video and I really enjoyed Handsy! and I can see it has some potential. I was going to edit the video and then thought NAH so you can see how many times I tried to get the coin from the freakin tree hahaha. It got so frustrating to the point that I laughed and then went quiet and maybe swore. I don't  know .

Nice one devs and keep up the great work


Thanks for playing Handsy! It was super cool to see the unedited playthrough. That one particular coin is a doozy, for sure... well done!

Thanks, I did really enjoy Handsy! though and I really do hope the best for you.






Thanks for playing, my man! Fantastic video. Love the idea of Handsy doing tricks and flips. :D

Your welcome! I look forward to seeing more of the game in the future!